The research management unit is responsible for coordinating and disseminating information regarding research-related activities in UiTM Perlis.

This unit acts as :

  • Coordinating and monitoring researcher research projects (General Grants (National)-FRGS, ERGS, e-Science, RAGS, RACE, Excellence Fund, International Grants)
  • Encourage lecturers to engage in high-profile research activities such as LRGS and PRGS.
  • Mobilize Research Interest Group (RIG) research activities that assist in the establishment of the CoE.
  • Encourage lecturers to participate in research-related workshops.
  • Organizing programs related to innovation either at the national or international level.
  • Briefing and training staff who will represent UiTM Perlis at the innovation competition.
  • Help coordinate the commercialization of research/innovation products with RIBU, UiTM Shah Alam.
  • Organize workshops and consultation awareness campaigns.


Dr Muhammad Faiz Pa’Suya


Administrative Staff
Zurita Jaafar