ICAN  unit is responsible for coordinating community projects as well as industrial-linkage activities within UiTM Cawangan Perlis.

This unit acts as:

  • Promote student mobility activities within and outside the country by providing information related to related institutions/companies.
  • Helping stakeholders at UiTM Perlis to create strategic collaboration and industry networks between government and private institutions through MoU or MoA.
  • Coordinating with the HEA and HEP to run programs that help improve the marketability of graduates.
  • As a data collection and management center for UiTM Perlis alumni.
  • Planning and implementing programs with UiTM Perlis Alumni.
  • Coordinating Alumni programs with HEA and HEP.
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring the performance of the Knowledge Transfer Program (KTP) grant.


Forms / Flow Chart

Dr Non Daina Masdar


Administrative Staff
Farah Farhana Binti Abdul Rahman